Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Video: Through the years.

Just to share a video I made for Joey this Valentine's. I should be reviving this blog but I'm more comfortable on twitter so if you want to follow me just search for shawnpaul91 on twitter =)


Just a short video on our journey throughout our relationship =)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome to INDIA!
Just got the chance to go online in India after 2 days =)
Finally we reached Manipal in one piece and ALL IZ WELL!

Took off with a teary goodbye in KLIA on the 21st of July on MAS. Sadly the plane was same or worse than an AirAsia flight. Virtually no legroom and the seats were very cramped, got a few minutes of shuteye. The inflight food was good though, rice and chicken curry and some curry cauliflower(which I ATE k). Inflight entertainment sucked, they showed Clash of The Titans with no sound from our headphones and the VCD/DVD was so obviously some cetak rompak calar-ed CD.

So then we had a nights' sleep in the Presidency hotel in Bangalore for around 3 and a half hours only. The weather was quite chilly at night. Flew on Jet Airways the next day on a turbo prop engine plane, so excited =D It wasn't as bumpy as you said it would be, daddy. Small plane but the seats was 10 times better than MAS haha.

Landed and said goodbye to the Mangalorians. The road to Manipal was super ulu and small, at times only 1 vehicle could pass through at one time. No signboards or lines on the road. Haven't seen a traffic light in India so far =p After an hour and a half, we reached MANIPAL =D

Settled down in our hostels(mine is Amartya Sen, single non AC room). My room was nice n cosy though not very big. It gets very cold at night this time of year. Next we went to have lunch at the food court. All of us looked like fish out of water, or sebagai rusa masuk kampung kinda thingy. We all stood there looking at the food stalls while everyone was walking here and there and ordering. Everyone was in labcoats staring at these juniors in jeans and tees looking lost haha. There is a Subway and a nice pastry shop, Veg shop(thosai, puree and such), an awesome 200+ food stall, and lastly a MALAYSIAN food stall! It even serves Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik woohoo. I had a combo meal of butter chicken, tandoori chicken, some nice ghee rice, and garlic naan and tairu(yoghurt) for rs 90. Super yummy and filling =)

Next we went out to buy our simcard and it started drizzling, then it POURED. And we didn't bring umbrellas so we were totally drenched. Bought our simcard and went to Mumbai Bazaar with an auto. Bought a pillow, a soapdish, a rug for the bathroom entrance and a padlock. So far we haven't met any seniors so we were completely on our own, but it was an awesome experience. At night we met Jesse at the gym though, very very helpful and friendly.

We got wet when we went to makan dinner(prawn fried rice, nice and it was a HUGE helping, rs45) and it was the 3rd time we got wet in the rain, tak insaf insaf haha.

The next day(today) we wanted to go to Udupi to get electrical stuff, and we brought an UMBRELLA =D Meet the famous Miracle Seed miraculously by chance before we left and he followed and guided us to Harsha which sells the electrical stuff. Since I'm gona buy my kettle and iron form my senior, I only bought a table lamp. Next we went to a small supermarket which had super strict security for reasons that only God knows. Went and stocked up on snacks and biscuits(my fav) for the long winter =p Bought body wash, shampoo and toothpaste also here =)

Next we went to Dominos for lunch, had pork pepperoni pizza and BBQ chicken, quite nice and very filling. After that we came back and some of them tried to get a broadband but unable. I didn't get it coz its kinda expensive x.x

So right now feeling kinda hungry coz havent had dinner so might go have something now. Its 9.30pm local time and its midnight in Malaysia so good morning and thats all for now =)

We're gona register tomorrow so hopefully All Iz Still Well. Ciao.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Velcum to Yindia everybady!

This is the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, its near New Delhi and took 22,000 workers 22 years to built it. Gila babi? Yes he was gila in love.

Famous Ba'hai lotus temple =)

Elephant ride =)

So I was supposed to blog about my Melbourne/Sydney trip but yeah I was too lazy LOL so I uploaded most of the 1000+ photos I took there in facebook so yeah, a picture speaks a thousand words, what more 1000 pics =)

Anyway most probably I will be updating my blog more regularly now since I'm going to go to Manipal this wednesday(21st of July 2010) for dentistry with my other JPA friends from KTT so yeah, stay tuned for more Yindian Yadventures.

So yeah this would be a post of some random facts that kept me amused about India =)

1. India leads the world with the most murders (32,719), with Russia taking second at 28,904 murders per year (don't contribute to it k? not even to the suicide list =D)

2. Without India, there would be no geeky guys going to the Chess Club =) (But of coz the geeky fellas are still there la, just the Chess part)

3. Founder/Creator of hotmail? Indian dude

4. Creator of Pentium chip? Another Indian chap

5. GM of HP(thats the laptop/desktop HP we're talking about)? O.o woah, another Indian fella.

6. Co-founder of Sun Microsystems? Yup you guessed it right.

7. Women will be viewed as either a prostitute or a holy person depending on the manner in which she parts her hair (girls please take note xD)

8. With more than 150,000(you got that right) post offices, it has the largest network of post offices in the world BUT, don't be surprised if it takes more than 2 weeks for a 30mile letter journey haha.

9. Biggest film industry in the world with around 2 movies a day being produced, 2 EACH DAY, crazy. And B in Bollywood stand for? Bombay(Mumbai's former name =))

10. I am going to ROCK India and Manipal like it has never been rocked before!

Well so thats it, short and sweet =D So till next time, see you guys =)

Pls pray for my safe flight and to be healthy eg: no dioarrhea =p

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Phuket. The Experience.

Welcome to Phuket!

Ooopss..Okay take two, WELCOME TO PHUKET!!

Land of the smiles. Beach, sun, sea and loads of fun and maybe ladyboys(the term there) =D

Day 1

6 people. Chua.Li ying.Joel.Felicia.Joey.Me

18/11/09 - Wednesday, 0400 hours, yes that is 4.00am

The 6 of us. From left, Felicia, Joel, Joey, Me, Chua and Li Ying.

We had gone shopping the whole day before and slept at 1.30am. Woke up at 3.30am in KTT, had a cold shower and went to LCCT with the AdikMe van at 4am. Reached the airport and ate some buns to keep our tummies full and warm haha. Flight was at 7am and we landed at 7.10am, Phuket time, +7GMT

So just after we landed we booked a tour for the next day to the Phi Phi Islands costing RM130. So we took a bus to Phuket Town and when we reached there we just wandered around like lost tourists, easy pickings for the TukTuk drivers haha. So we walked around, tried some of the roadside food. Some fried sausages and prawn balls. Then we had brunch at some restaurant, tried tomyam, pork and some sweet famous Thai dessert. Joel kept harassing the lady about the price of his brunch lol.

One of the many 'tuktuk's we took =D

We took a tuktuk to the hotel but to get a cheaper price he said he would take us to his friend's shop. He took us to that tourist kinda shop where you can get souveniors and he gets commission from it. Bought a few things and resumed our journey to our hotel.

We booked a 4 star hotel together with the flight tickets but only 1 room shared by the 6 of us. It cost us Rm66 a night but....dum dum dum, dum....Disaster strikes. Chua and Li Ying checks in first as the hotel is our Chua's name. The plan was after 15 mins Li Ying would call us and tell us the room number but she didnt. Our phones were giving problem adapting to the Thai line so after 20+ mins we were like okay lets just go in. Upon entering the hotel the guy at the lobby said,

"Where are you going?"

Then were like,

"Erm visiting a friend", he asked

"What floor is the room?"

We answered,

"3rd floor".

Upon reaching the 3rd floor, it was obvious why he let us go on the elevator. The third floor out of like 20+ floors was the SWIMMING POOL and no rooms LOL. Then we managed to contact Li Ying and dashed to their room. After less than a minute, the phone rang. They asked her who we were and asked us to go out in 15 minutes. Kena tangkap on CCTV entering their room. Busted! What a thing to happen, at the beginning of the trip some more. But nvm, we went around and found a nice hotel for RM100 a night and we 4 shared a room. TIP : Don't book your hotel when going to Phuket, just walk around and you'll get a good deal.

Us in our hotel room.

The tourism website's picture of the streets of Phuket.

The actual streets of Phuket =D

After that ordeal we just walked around the Patong area. Loads to see and just experience the streets. We went to Jugceylon mall and just walked around, the mall was not bad, kinda classy. Had pineapple rice in an actual pineapple! It was delicious =D then we took a stroll on the beach around twilight and then headed back to Patong and Bangla Road(notorious for its nightlife =D). It was still early and we ended up in a bar. Had Chang beer and had a laugh watching Chua and Joel playing rock paper scissors to see who would down the whole glass haha. Bought Joey a wreath/orchids on a string made into a loop. Haha funny story to it but nvm =p

Jugceylon Mall Patong

In the mall

6 of us in Bangla Road at night

Bangla Road

Bangla Road again, twilight

Tiger Bar, Bangla Road

So after that we went back to our hotels and showered and guess what?? It was only 10.45pm LOL and we went to sleep.

Some of the food we had and saw in Phuket.

Pineapple Rice in Jugceylon Mall

Mango Sticky Rice, yum yum

One of the mannnyyyy sweet and sticky Thai deserts

HUGE lobsters and prawns, wow.

DOUBLE BIG MAC?? OMG!! Dream come true HAHA.

Day 2

Price:1300 baht inclusive of buffet lunch and ferry, snorkelling gear

Aerial View of Phi Phi Don

The ferry we took to the Phi Phi islands.

Woke up at 7am and left for the jetty in a van at around 8.15am. Li Ying wasn't feeling so good that morning(what you 2 did alone arr? =p) anyway, so we reached the jetty about an hour later. The ferry was quite nice and we had free coffee and tea on the way haha. Joey and I wanted to feel the breeze so we went up to the front of the ferry. Then suddenly it hit a big wave and it splashed high up. Everyone that was enjoying in front there got soaking wet haha that was fun. So we came back to the group soaking wet when we didnt even reach the islands yet =D

We were soaking wet by this time haha.

Us in the Phi Phi Don island beach

Us having fun =D

We stopped after 1.5 hours upon reaching Phi Phi Ley(the girl on the loudspeaker pronounced it so funny, Pi Pi...pause..Leyyyy) and jumped off the ferry for snorkelling. It was my first time so it was quite okay/fun for me la lol but the others had been to Redang so comparitatively it was nothing compared to Redang(insert Malaysia boleh cheer here* =D). It was kinda murky and not that many fishes but okayla got some corals and fishes very near us cause some bread was right beside us. That water bug bit all of us and its kinda annoying. So then we went to Phi Phi Don and had buffet lunch. Walked around the island, lotsa small shops selling souveniours and stuff, wanted to try their pancakes but was too full. Took some pics at the beach and headed back to Phuket. On the way back, Joey tried to find us a seat in the ferry's cloase, air conditioned placed and 2 guys were sitting in the middle of four seats so she asked them whether we could get 2 by 2 seats and they said, 100 baths. LOL. But of course, they were just kidding haha.

LOL look at the propellors

Amazing islands

Funky specs =D

Us getting ready to go snorkelling

Entrance to Monkey's Bay

Small island just popping out of the sea.

Snorkelling hehe.

Entrance to Phi Phi Don

Went back to the hotel at around 5pm, took our baths and met up. Went for a Thai Massage for 200 baht =D It was totally worth it. I enjoyed the back massages the best, and the crick-crak like the knuckle breaking sound kinda back twist(okay you try describing it lol). With nice oldies music like Dust in The Wind and Tears in Heaven playing softly and the orange glow of the place with the smell of the massage oil and Joey by my side, it was really a nice experience.

Haha no sex? No business la =p

Me on the massage bed.

Then we walked around Patong/Bangla Road area. Tonight it was more lively as it was later on, around 10pm. Ate some amazing roadside pork filled sausages. Had dried squid from the stalls too and it tasted yummy. Hmm had some cashewnut prawns and rice for dinner, not bad. Then jalan jalan, ahkuas and prostitutes everywhere. Every white guy had at least one prostitute, yes at LEAST one and at the most . . . haha I'll leave that to your imagination. We looked at an ice bar and I kinda wanted to go in but we had to buy shots, so in the end we didn't go in but I really regret it now. At one strip show at the roadside, Joel was staring at the girls and they danced towards him and winked at him hahaha and the bar girl actually came and pulled him LOL. We cabut haha.

The ice bar. I wana go.

Even white boys have prostitutes. LOL

Dancing ladies

Bangla Road

Then took booked an elephant ride for the next day but we(me and Joey) wanted to go relax on the beach and have a swim so we didn't go for the elephant ride. Then we went to tidur.

Misc Pics

Thank God we didn't have to use that =D

Me and McDonald in the Sawadika pose

Anyone recognise Borat's swimming trunks? I'm sure Kumar will =D

Promoting their upcoming Thai Kickboxing or Muay Thai match in the streets

Nice flowers on water.

Day 3

Woke up early around 7am. Bought breakfast the night before at the 7-11 and took a short walk with Joey to the nearby beach. There were many beach chairs ready on the beach but u had to rent them so we just settled for sitting on the sand. Had our Ham & Cheese and Garlic Chicken sandwiches and milk for breakfast, it was a very nice morning. The beach was very well maintained, there were actually people sweeping the sand for rubbish. Then we went for a swim in the sea. The seawater wasnt THAT clear but it was okay, the weather was just perfect too, not too hot.

Then, *drum rolls* topless girls! Okay my bad, old women LOL. Having a sun tan. lol.

Okay anyway, we went back to the hotel after that, had out bath and checked out of the hotel. Had another massage but this time we had a foot massage. The difference was it was concentrated on the feet and it had oil. Didn't really enjoy it, the person wasn't skilled, the ambience was out and I totally didn't enjoy it. Next we went out walking around Patong area again. Wanted to try some fried insects but the lady just walked off from us o.O strange. Wish we could have tried that.

They still sell stuff this way.

After that we took a tuktuk to another shopping place, Premium Outlet Phuket or POP for short LOL, which was classier and the prices were about the same as our local prices. Had a pork burger for dinner and then we were off to the airport.

Premium Outlet. Very nice looking.

PIA. Phuket International Airport.

Bye bye phuket.

So that ends our short but enjoyable trip to Phuket. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Year. Please don't message me after the 26th as I will be in Melbourne till the 12th of January so happy holidays.

My next entry will be about my trip to Australia, so until then, ciaoz.

To wherever we may venture to next..